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Here, you can browse through our press releases, media coverage, and other resources to learn more about our company's mission to help more #womenloveleadership


Meet Hodology

Hodology is a leadership consultancy that specialises in the final stage of succession planning—from agreement to day 100.


We are on a mission to help women love leadership by providing the tools and resources they need to thrive in their new roles. Created by Libby Vincent, the Hodology process is a combination of established transition frameworks updated with insights from contemporary research in gender politics. The result is a comprehensive and holistic approach to the first 100 days designed to accelerate C-Suite women's integration. Our target audience is ambitious professional women ready to make an impact without selling out or burning out—ultimately keeping them in their role for longer.




Why employers must step up around menopause.


Gen Zers are fueling ‘gap career’ trend — but how will that affect career development?


The False Promise of the ‘Great Resignation’

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