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Libby Vincent provides high-quality, strategic and industry-savvy advice to executive women. She will help you develop an effective strategy to thrive in your new role from day one.


Meet Libby
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You're no stranger to the scrutiny that comes with being a successful woman. You know that stepping up means next-level challenges and that this next step will be BIG. So you're looking for a trusted adviser who's been there before.


That's why you need a Chief Special Adviser, someone specialising in helping women like you make a strategic impact in your first 100 days.  With the right support, you can love the position you worked so hard to earn and ultimately stay in it for longer.


So let's talk about how Hodology can help you navigate the politics of your new role and set you up for success as a trailblazer.

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Half of C-Suite appointments fail in the first 18 months. Half of those failures could be prevented with the right support.

Michael D. Watkins - Author of The First 90 Days

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A successful transition is about more than having a well-designed succession process.


To thrive in your new role you need to work with someone who gets it — you need someone who gets you. As an ex-FTSE 50 leader, Libby created the Hodology process to manage the pressure professional women put on themselves at work and home. With expertise in contemporary research on gender bias, the process highlights potential pitfalls and provides guidance on how to avoid them.


Working with us, we'll focus on three personal outcomes for you;


Our Outcomes

You're quickly appreciated not just for what you've done, but what you will do and why it will matter to people.


People believe you will do the right thing to the extent that they're willing to put their reputation on the line for you.


People know what you stand for, so they champion your ideas, support your decisions and take risks with you.


You have the mindset and tools to lead with conviction and navigate change and uncertainty with grace.


You inspire followers and strategically manage key stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes.

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