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Executive transition consultants facilitate successful transitions, acclerating integration, reducing the risk of a failed succession and protecting investor confidence.


Meet Libby
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You know you chose the right person for the job. But you understand that transitions can be tricky. You've seen even the finest candidates stumble and the resulting financial and reputation losses. This is why you know you owe your new joiner, your team and your shareholders better than a sink-or-swim approach to onboarding.

That's where Hodology comes in. We manage the complexities and minimise risk. We provide a comprehensive service that ensures a successful outcome and establishes a strong foundation for the future.

Download our business case to learn how Hodology can save you 25% of your executive's salary in the first year.


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Accelerated leadership transitions reduce lost productivity costs by 25% of the executive's first-year salary.


Our Services

A successful transition is more than the executive's ability to maintain or improve your company's performance while navigating the challenges of their role. It requires them to do all this quickly and without compromising their well-being. Their first 100 days need to set them, and you, up for long-term success.

We equip them with the tools, resources and insight to ensure a prompt and successful integration — accelerating their ability to make critical decisions with the right information and having the influence and credibility they need to deliver on their market commitments.


Working with Hodology, we'll focus on three organisational outcomes;

Our Business Case

Get Our Business Case

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Our Packages
Accountant at Work

The ultimate transition package for CxO women.

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For women at all levels moving into their next leadership role.

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